Mute Masses

When a child is born, he/she learns how to walk and talk from parents and family members. A lot of the learning happens by observation, and language is developed. The greatest blessing we humans have is a brain that can think and a tongue that can express the deepest thoughts in multiple languages with utmost clarity.

So as the training at home continues, a child is taught right from wrong and good behaviour from bad behaviour. As part of this and in order to keep the tongue in check against using abusive words to express disagreement or dissent, some checks are imposed by parents. However, parents are humans too…so although they would have restrained a child from abusing someone, they themselves would have indulged in talking behind people’s backs and expressing their disagreement with another’s point of view not while the conversation is on, but much later, after the person has left. This tantamounts to back-biting and somewhere sends the message to an innocent mind that it’s okay to not show your disagreement directly.

But this leads to a whole generation of adults who are unable to express a difference of opinion openly. I guess this is what affects nations when more and more people choose to be mute spectators when they see something wrong happening around them. Maybe this explains the tendency of most spectators in public places who choose to video record an animal being beaten brutally or a human molested and upload the same on a social media platform rather than just go and help the one suffering.

Why should we be afraid to express ourselves? Why should we shy away from getting an opinion quite dissimilar to ours on a matter that concerns us all? The day we all can do that is when we can call ourselves a civilised and educated society.